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There are a lot of people around the world who are deprived from learning the Holy Book of Islam, the Greatest Scripture ever to come towards mankind, the Quran. The Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over 1400 years ago and to this day it has remained unaltered and unchanged from its original form since then. The Quran is the last of the sacred scriptures and in it are recorded the paths that lead to salvation and success in this life and the next. Until recently learning the Quran for those who live in the most religiously obscure and depraved areas of the world where there are almost no mosques or Islamic centers was a very difficult task. The availability of good qualified teachers especially for children to teach them at home was next to nothing. This all has changed with online education. Quran School is an online Quran teaching school that provides a number of courses such as tajweed classes online and Quran tafseer course online along with Arabic language classes and online Quran teaching for kids at home. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted digital Islamic academy, Quran School has a faculty and highly learned scholars that offers one on one Online Quran Reading classes to those who wish to learn the word of Allah (SWT).


online quran classes

Being an online Quran school the institute provides online quran classes. It is advised to anyone who is getting into Quran or Islamic education that they try to learn classical Arabic. Arabic is a very unique language and has many linguistic and grammatical complexities that are not found in any other language of the world. In order to gain in depth understanding of the word of Allah (SWT), it is best to recite the Quran in the language it was revealed. In most Muslim countries, Arabic is part of the school curriculum from an early age. Other than in schools, there are many institutes and Islamic centers where a person can learn classical Arabic. For those who are lack such facilities in their areas due to their location meaning they live in non-Muslim countries where such facilities are limited, they can now easily learn the language of the Quran by enrolling in any Arabic classes online.